About Us

It all started when…

We were speaking with friends and how they wanted to create their own business but weren’t sure where to start or really get going. We offered our help before we even created this business. Then we spoke to more people around town how they had the same feeling.

So we thought to ourselves “There’s a lot of amazing, talented people in Tucson who want to make something of their dreams but feel stuck. We should do something about that.” And thus, The Tucson Startup was born.

We know there are people in Tucson with great ideas and amazing talent but not always sure on how to get going. We’re to help with those entrepreneurs who need a little guidance and a helping hand.

If you’re looking to get your own Startup going, contact us today!

We're Tucson Locals

We work in and around Tucson, AZ. We know and love Tucson and its people. Let's support one another and grow Tucson even better.

We're Affordable

Your Startup isn't like others, why should the price be? We'll work with on a price that we all can appreciate.

We're Experienced

With over 15+ years in the Tech Industry and over 10+ years in Web Development, we'll be sure to do what's best for you.




CEO, Lead Web Developer

With over 15 years in tech and over 10 years of web development and working in multiple startups, it just made sense to start up my own company to help others start theirs.



Photographer, His and Hers Photo Studio



Photographer, His and Hers Photo Studio


Drop us a line. Let's talk about what you want and what we can provide.

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